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Why Calibrate

Why no light meter will ever be 100% accurate

Why Calibrate

Light meter readings deviate – especially under grow light conditions. This article explains why this happens, how you can circumvent this and why there is no need to calibrate Photone.

Measurements Are Never 100% Accurate

We tested many different light meters in the mid and low price segment ranging from $20 to $150. Naturally, these devices showed a slight deviation of about ±10% from each other when measuring natural light. But when tested under grow lights, we found that the meters deviated with their readings up to ±100%. This means that some meters displayed double (or half) the amount of others in the same environment! For these scenarios it’s better to utilize a measurement device that you can really rely on.

No Need for Calibration

Good news: You don’t need to calibrate our Grow Light Meter. It comes already calibrated with certified professional light meters. But still, if you own a light meter that you trust or use our app in a different scenario, you have the possibility to calibrate Photone and adjust the readings to your setting.

Why Calibrate