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Pro Settings Explained

Learn more about our Pro Settings and how to use them

Pro Settings Explained

We introduced Pro Settings to give you more control over our App and your lighting. As we try to keep our user interface simple and unobtrusive, this guide explains these settings in more detail.

Advanced Readings

In order to get a better sense of your light distribution, advanced readings provides you with peak and average readings for your PAR Meter and Light Meter measurements as well as average readings for your Light Temperature measurement.

Both peak and average readings consider the last 30 seconds of measurements which can be reset by tapping on the display element.

Position Indicator

Having your phone or tablet perfectly level is important to get comparable, consistent measurement results and our position indicator helps doing so. By using your device's built-in motion sensor it works just as a regular level would.

Disable Hold Mode

There are scenarios where you might want to completely disable the measurement hold mode. Disabling it overrides the possibility to tap and hold the lower third of your screen to freeze the measurement.

Pro Usage Intended

We offer these advanced settings exclusively to our Pro users, which requires the upgrade to do so. By upgrading, you not only gain access to all the functionality within our app, but also to personal 24 hour support — all while helping us making our app even better.


Pro Settings Explained