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Korona Is Now Called Photone

Korona Is Now Called Photone

Last Update: Mar 23, 2022

Named after the sun's stellar corona and then misinterpreted due to the pandemic, we decided to undertake our app another light-themed rebranding: Welcome the Photone Grow Light Meter!



We named our app Korona in late 2018. Back then, its meaning was not known by many people – and then the pandemic happened. After long consideration we finally decided to undertake our app to a major rebranding.

Our app's name Korona – Grow Light Meter is now replaced with Photone – Grow Light Meter.


We built an app that allows to measure light and therefore we wanted its name to represent this connection between light and light sources such as the sun. The name "Korona" is the German word for the sun's stellar corona, which is a part of the sun's atmosphere that can be seen on solar eclipses as a glowing white ring. Coincidentally this is the same reason some viral organisms are called corona viruses: due to their white outer ring.

The Wikipedia page that provided inspiration not only for the name but also for our logo


We still wanted to keep a light-themed name and were therefore searching for related words in as many languages as we could think of. After months of thinking we finally settled on the Name "Photone - Grow Light Meter".  

To simplify, a photon can be described as a particle of light. And photones is exactly what our app measures. Instead of using the camera to give you a visual representation of the photones (a.k.a. a photo) we measure the relevant information for plant lighting (aka PAR). Epic, right?

Did you know that a photon can be described as a wave or as a particle? And that this discovery lead to the theory of Quantum Mechanics? Confused? Then check out this super short and compelling video from TED speaker Colm Kelleher. He for sure can explain these things better than we can.

What Do You Think?

Completing the rebranding will take time as our app is already well-known under its old name Korona in many communities. We'll therefore transition all of our collateral within the next few months and try make sure that our app can still be found by its original name.

Honestly, executing this rebranding was scary for us. Still, we knew we have to do it and wanted our app to get future proof. It would be very interesting to know what you think about our rebranding. Feel free to contact us any time!

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